Corporate Solutions

When it comes to corporate, every day runs faster than time. Most of the companies tend to select artificial floral decorations instead of the natural flowers. The products of Kusal are allergy-free and well crafted to suit air-conditioning and central heating.

They are natural-like, maintenance-free arrangements that remain dazzling and unsullied all year long. Imagine a nature setup, where you have no burdens like changing water or cleaning up leaves or petals again. Save the expenses on fresh flowers everyday by opting to Kusal. Moreover, it is just the next best to nature, so why not?

How we serve?

Decorating your interiors is an art that amplifies the aesthetics of your place. Kusal approaches this art form with a set of norms and adheres to it without making any middle grounds.

When the extension of Kusal’s service gets confirmed, a Project Executor will be assigned exclusively to that project. The team will visit the client’s premises personally and will take necessary measurements and photographs for the reference. After a brief planning, they will come up with a complete proposal on how they are going to approach.

Right from the VIP cabins to passages and pavements, the team will cover everything. They also identify whether a place needs a permanent or a temporary solution. For example, if it is a public place like a waiting hall, something sturdy will be suggested and vice-versa.

Kusal’s amicable business norms and the eloquent customer friendly team create a strong affiliation that lasts forever.