About Us

About Us

1990 was theyear of inception for Kusal Flora. Withmore than 25 years of experience, Kusal is now the undisputed leader inartificial silk plants and flowers. All the products of Kusal were crafted fromsilk, natural woods and a unique fabric blend ensuring the highest level ofboth beauty and durability.

Kusal has anefficient team that constantly tries to evolve and keep pace with the growingdemands without making any compromises on the quality. In the current scenario,most of the corporate and residential prefer artificial flowers to elevate theaesthetics of their interiors. Moreover, artificial plants and flowers beingrelatively maintenance free as compared to real plants, their beauty andarrangement remain intact year-round. This ‘close to eternity’ lifetime of the‘close to nature’ flowers has been pinpointed as the ultimate reason. Kusalspearheads this sector with its sheer vision of providing them at an economicprice in quality that cannot be matched


Babulal Aaglecha

Kusal- Babulal Aaglecha

Hi There! Let’s get started the Classic way. That’s the founder of Kusal- Babulal Aaglecha.

Like all Marwaris, self made man, started from scratch and created this unique business line in artificial plants. One thing he always believed is stick to good quality products & service your customers will never leave you.

The results check out our clients list.

Kusal- Mohanlal Aaglecha

That’s me Mohanlal Aaglecha, Ibelieve creativity is also what inspires people and that’s what makes this company so unique, with creativity, quality & service we build lasting relationships.

We would love to hear your challenges and give you simplified solutions.

Mohanlal Aaglecha